salad dressing


Basil pesto vinaigrette

This vinaigrette will bring a restaurant style aroma  & taste whether you use it as a marinate for your steak or for a dipping entrée.

        Balsamic vinaigrette

 BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE   will add a  awesome twist to any fresh fruit salad.
Try   marinating steak in our balsamic vinaigrette, your need for a new and exciting dinner will be quenched!

French vinaigrette

Our FRENCH  VINAIGRETTE brings out the most of your creativity! so try it in a wrap, pita, or baguette,  with chicken, meat or fish.

Honey mustard vinaigrette

 Drizzle HONEY MUSTARD vinaigrette or  over saute'd veggies or fresh salad for a fantastic sweet & tangy flavor
Use as a marinade for grilling cooking or baking chicken and meat.

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