salad dressing


There is a reason we're everyone's favorite

The Saladmate difference

Is it the homemade flavor? Is it the ingredients? Is it that adding saladmate to a recipe transforms something ordinary into something extraordinary? Or that our  dressings are found in the refrigerated produce aisle?

Actually, there are several reasons. we atsaladmate use only the highest quality, freshest and best tasting ingredients possible . Our dressings are packed cold and kept refrigerated to lock in the unique homemade flavor and freshness. Whether you’re using our dressing on a crisp, chilled salad, trying it out in a great, new recipe or serving it up as a dip, your meal—and your evening—become something special.

Homemade flavor, freshness, quality, variety. They’re all part of the SALADMATE'S difference, and that’s why you won’t find us on the shelf with those other dressings and you will find us in the refrigerated produce section—ready to make your ordinary meal extraordinary.

Don’t save SALADMATE for a special occasion—create a special occasion. Enjoy SALADMATE tonight.