salad dressing



2-4 Nori sheets cut to peices

1 cup Sushi rice cooked according

to pkg instructions 

1 pkg Romaine lettuce

2 kirby julienne cut

1 lrg carrot julienne cut

1 avocado cubed

Baked/fried salmon (try our crispy fish recipe)

Soy sauce for dipping 

SALADMATE spicy mayo

Nachos/square wonton wrappers (optional)

Prepare fish. For nachos spray oil wontons then cut diagonally bake on parchment paper 5-10 min. Till slightly browned.  Combine all ing. Drizzle spicy mayo and serve with soy sauce on side.

Helpful tips:
*sushi rice seems hard to make it is not. Just a drop time consuming. 
*preparing the fish according to our crispy fish recipe makes this dish delish & you won't need the nachos for a crisp.

Spicy california sushi nachos