Ingridients :

Rib steak (thick with bone)

Ref pepper cut to large cubes

Mushrooms sliced

SALADMATE  basil pesto vinaigrette

Romaine lettuce/spring mix

Directions :

Marinate steak and veggies in a generous amount of  basil pesto for 2-4 hours. Remove from marinate and Grill steak and veggies. Serve over a bed of lettuce. Drizzle pesto vinaigrette or caesar dressing to taste.

Helpful tips : 
*use parchment paper NOT directly over fire so veggies don't fall into grill. 
* steak should be grilled on low for a long time to be well done baste more pesto onto meat while grilling for stronger taste.
* This dish can be prepared in grill pot or even frying pan! Just add  meat to empty hot pan, on med flame. Turn over only when side 1 is completely browned then add some margarine to pot and sizzle for a few min to add a crisp. Remove meat then fry veggies.

Basil pesto steak

salad dressing